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  • Classic Haircut (starting at $37)
    Includes a classic blowout with brush styling only
  • Signature Haircut (starting at $55)
    Includes curly finish or flat iron smoothing.
  • Luxury Haircut (starting at $91)
    You deserve it! Includes curly finish or flat iron smoothing and a custom hair repair treatment.
  • Classic Clipper Haircut (starting at $20)
    Includes a barbered cut tailored to your needs.
  • Classic Child's Haircut (starting at $18)
    30 minutes max - for children 12 years and younger.
  • Classic Youth Haircut (starting at $27)
    For our guests 13-17 years old; includes a classic blowout with brush styling only.

To receive a personalized quote that meets your hair extension desires, please fill out the form below and one of our experts will contact you

Extension Hair Inquiry

How long is your current hair?
What is your natural texture?
What is your natural hair density?
What are your hair goals?
Are you currently happy with your hair color?
Are you able to commit to maintenance schedule every 4-6 weeks?
What is your beauty budget?
When is best for a phone consultation?
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